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Who We Are

Breathe in and breathe out, we've got you from here!

Hey Gorgeous! 🤗


Welcome- and allow me to introduce myself.

👋I’m Jessie, and I am passionate about helping stressed out entrepreneurs THRIVE in their chosen industry. Whether your biz is Service or Product based- it’s my mission to assist in streamlining your business processes and of course, making them SUCCESSFUL.🏆

🚀I launched The VA Bae in late 2019. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was determined to live the 💻 laptop lifestyle I had heard so much about and I began offering Virtual Assistant services to local businesses in my area. I was working from home, and reaping all the benefits of being able to set my own schedule, take time off when I needed, and everything that comes with being your own boss. I had launched product based businesses in the past and found success with multiple E-commerce stores, but I had never run an online service based business before. About 6 months in it became a stressful venture because the clients I was onboarding did not align with my values, but I’d oblige them overstepping boundaries because deep down I LOVED being able to serve them and assist in growing their business. I’m results driven, I will stick at something until achieving the desired outcome or… nope, that’s it. It CAN and WILL be done- and that’s that. 💅


One thing you’ll learn about me is that I am motivated by two things, creativity and service. Creativity because I’m an innovator, and being the person to come up great ideas and help people with those ideas is extremely rewarding to me. 

Service, because I find deep meaning in being able to serve someone to the best of my ability and seeing that light switch moment when everything falls into place and they can see I’ve made their lives a LOT easier by implementing the knowledge I’ve gained on my journey- gives me the warm fuzzies. 🥰

🥵 It’s tough being a womxn in business, right? I know this all too well. I went from wearing ALL the hats, stressed out and pulling my hair out with NIGHTMARE clients- to finally feeling IN CONTROL of my schedule and where my business was headed for the first time in a LONG time. 💪It’s difficult to let go and let others lend a hand when your business is your BABY- I get it, but taking this step will only help you GROW. I thought ‘How many business owners feel just like I did?’ and that's how The VA Bae was born. The BAE in our name stands for 'Before Anyone Else,' we’ll be your ride or die and stand by you throughout your business journey. I desired to offer a service inclusive of EVERYTHING I needed when I was just starting out on my business journey- and I did just that. You can rest assured that we can help you no matter where you're at in your business journey. Biz BFF's for life! 👯


💭So, now you have a little glimpse into my journey, you’re probably wondering, ‘What is it you actually do?’ The term Virtual Business Solutions is just that- we find solutions for businesses and startups in various industries. We help with automating business processes, so you have more time to spend taking care of YOU, because I’m not sure if you’ve realised, but YOU are the most important part of your business! 💁‍♀️ We assist in setting up professional brand guidelines for your business, a custom made, chic looking website and full management of your Social Media accounts so you don’t have to WORRY about creating content, engaging with your audience, and posting EVERY DAMN DAY! 📱With our solutions, your future customers will be coming to you- not the other way around.


📦We also offer Product Sourcing for your new or existing range, and take care of the entire process from start to finish. Wouldn’t it be great if that was all taken care of? All you will need to do is pick and choose the clients that resonate with you- we will take care of the rest! 


Pretty cool, huh? We think so. 😉

😱Want to go from STRESSED OUT to cool, calm, collected and in CONTROL of your divine journey in business? We’re here for it, gorgeous. You deserve only the BEST, but you need to believe it, too! There comes a time when changes need to be made, and if you've ever felt overwhelmed to the point of despair, then now is probably that time for you. Do you want to be in the same place in your business in 3, 6, 18 months time? I think we both know the answer to that. 🙃


If you’re serious about scaling your business, sending your sales into OVERDRIVE, or growing your client list like you never thought possible, then get in touch today. We’d love to discuss how we can help get your business BOOMING! 🧨

To your ultimate SUCCESS, accomplished with EASE and GRACE as it was always meant to be. 🥂

Speak soon, Boss Babe! 

Jessie 💋

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