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What We Offer


Short Term Rental Property Management

Are you a seasoned Host looking for some extra support, or brand new to the Short Term rental market and looking to maximize your return on investment?

From $49/ month

What’s included?

  • We manage your Short Term Rental Property like it's our own. We have an eye for detail, making your guests' stay an experience they will remember for all the right reasons.

  • Whether you’re looking to earn a passive income, fund a renovation or to maximize your return on investment- working with us is the first step in making the process enjoyable for both you and your guests. 


  • Mundane tasks such as housekeeping, restocking supplies and property maintenance is all taken care of- all you have to do is collect your cheque at the end of each month. Voila!

  • Liaising with guests and ensuring the check-in process goes smoothly is one of the most important aspects of managing a STR. The satisfaction of your guests is always our top priority, and with a decade of customer service experience, you’ll know your guests are in safe hands.

  • Optimizing your listing is crucial to your success in the STR market. With our experienced team of copywriters, we know how to stand out in the crowd and get eyes on your property. 

  • Professional photography can be arranged to showcase your property and impress your guests before they even set foot in the door. You know what they say- a picture paints a thousand words!

Virtually Yours

Are you looking for some extra administrative support?

From $444.00/month

What’s included?

  • 10 hours per month across various areas in your business where you need support the most

  • Stress less as we help with all administrative and legal assistance, document creation, formatting, transcription, data entry, email and schedule management, and much more.


  • Do you have far better things to do than manage bookings and emails? We’ll take it from here!

  • We offer a solutions based approach to keeping your business processes running smoothly.

  • Picture this- You have new clients walking through the door, your email list is on point, bookings are taken care of, and your schedule is set for the week. We give you room to breathe while we manage the back end of your business so you don’t have to.


Social Scale

Are you a Product or Service based brand looking to leverage Social Media Marketing and make a serious impact online?

From $555.00/month

What’s included?

  • Custom curated Posts and Stories

  • Interactive Stories

  • Social Media strategy

  • Hashtag strategy

  • Well articulated Comment and DM responses

  • New audience engagement

  • Content scheduling

  • Looking to create awareness and promote your brand on Socials, but not too keen on what it takes to build a dedicated following- like spending hours creating content and posting every. single. day? We’ll take care of this for you so you reap all the rewards with none of the effort.

  • Not sure if you know, but there is a formula to growing your Socials, and part of that magic formula is creating a Social Media strategy customised to your niche. We do this and more, adding in a Hashtag Strategy into the mix making your account go BOOM! (in a GOOD way!)

  • Posting daily increases your chances of growing your followers, but also reaches more potential customers. We offer custom curated daily Posts and Stories, created in line with your brand guidelines, with captions suited to your brand voice. 

  • Replies are SUPER important to your audience, especially if this is the first time they’re interacting with your brand. We are on the ball when it comes to managing your Comment and DM replies in a timely manner, and with professionalism. Your new clients are gonna love you!

Sourcing Made Simple

Are you looking to launch a product or to expand their existing range?

From 99.00

What’s included?

  • Multiple quotes from various suppliers

  • Management of Sample process

  • Lifetime free re-ordering service

  • High quality products

  • Lowest possible MOQ

  • Like to keep your options open? We got you! You will receive multiple quotes for each product in your range

  • Stress less as we manage the full Sourcing process from beginning to end- liaising with Suppliers, Shipping Agents and Customs to ensure your orders arrives safely at your door

  • High quality products and low MOQ are what we are known and loved for

  • We’ve been doing this a long time and we’ve thought of everything! Samples are always available for quality testing purposes, to compare available options and find the best fit

  • Worried you're going to run out of stock? We've got you covered! This offer includes lifetime order management- we re-order your next shipment before you run out


Soul Service

Are you a service based business owners looking to take your brand to the next level?


What’s included?

  • Custom branding package to showcase your offers

  • Professionally developed 4 page Website

  • Social Media Growth and Hashtag strategy

  • 6 months of custom curated Posts and Stories

  • Content scheduling

  • Well articulated Comment and DM Management

  • 10 hours of new audience engagement

  • Level up your brand presence with our on point Branding Package tailored to your needs

  • Create brand awareness and generate new leads with a custom Social Media strategy

  • Kick-start your online presence and get your brand seen in the online world with 6 months worth of custom Posts and Stories for your Socials

  • Breathe a huge sigh of relief- we've got your Socials covered for 6 months including full creation and management of your accounts

  • Clearly communicate your offers with a professionally developed website

Power Play

Are you a product based business owners looking to make waves in the E-commerce space?


What’s included?

  • Professionally developed 3 page E-commerce store

  • Sourcing of up to 20 products in your niche

  • Store loaded with up to 20 products

  • Social Media Growth and Hashtag strategy

  • 6 months of custom curated Posts and Stories

  • Content scheduling

  • Well articulated Comment and DM Management

  • New audience engagement for increased brand awareness

  • Want access to trending products in your niche but don’t know where to start? We got you! We will source up to 20 trending products and add them to your E-commerce store. Did someone say cha-ching?!

  • Your Social Media Strategy is so important. We execute and deliver, offering a custom curated strategy as well as full account management for 6 months including content creation to engage and attract your ideal audience.

  • First impressions matter! Make a great one with a professionally developed, easy to navigate E-commerce Store.

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